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From Darren's Aviary
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Dear Canary Lovin’ Friend,

This new ebook will help you keep your pet canary happy, healthy, energetic, and friendly.

If you’re interested in simple techniques for taking care of your canary like a pro, then let me explain my completely unique approach to “pet canary care”.

It answers questions like:

  • What's the best way to feed my canary?
  • What should I do for my canary during the molt?
  • Do I need to cover my canary's cage at night?
  • Do I need to breed my canary?
  • Does my canary need a partner?
  • How can I know when my canary is sick?
  • What do I do when my canary is sick?

Why most canary owners, and even canary breeders, are taking the wrong approach...

1) Owners of HEALTHY Canaries are taking the wrong approach! 

Take action now, while your pet is healthy, and keep him that way. 

2) Owners of SICK Canaries are taking the wrong approach!

Most people who find they have a sick canary on their hands do NOTHING. Why? Because they suspect that the illness is minor and that their bird will recover in a few days. BAD PLAN! 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an experienced canary owner and breeder share everything he knows about keeping canaries healthy?

With this ebook you get exactly that.

"The Canary Lovers Guide To A Happy Healthy Canary" is just $27 and includes over $200 in bonus material, see below.

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There’s simply nothing missing from this 115 page, step-by-step course...

  • How and What To Feed Your Canary For Optimum Health and Singing
  • How To PREVENT Your Canary From Getting Sick In The First Place. 
  • How To Recognize When Your Canary Is Sick. 
  • How To Give Your Sick Bird Treatment That Will Sky-Rocket His Ability To Get Back A Clean Bill of Health. 
  • How To Safely Use Antibiotics and Other Medications As a Last Resort. 
  • How to Recognize and Treat More Than 70 Canary Illnesses and Issues. 

“Invaluable to many bird keepers”

"Hi Darren,

Looking at the total content of your work and trying to put myself in the place of a newcomer I believe that you have produced an excellent book that will over time be found to be invaluable to many bird keepers. Best wishes."

Geoff Walker
Author "Colored, Type & Song Canaries”

“I think you covered everything possible”

“Darren: Congratulations. This is a wonderful ebook. I expected “very good”, but I was wrong. It is excellent! I think you covered everything possible about canary health and diseases.

You are an excellent upbeat writer - the words flow beautifully and are easy to understand. Keep up your wonderful work.”

Katharine Gamey
Canary Owner

“It’s like having a mini ‘Merck Veterinary Diagnostics Guide’ for canaries!”

“I just finished reading your book yesterday. I found it to be very well written, full of very helpful sound advice and easy to understand. I really think this book should be in every canary lovers library!!!

Whether or not one only has a few pets or an aviary full, I believe the information provided would prove to be invaluable. Both in time of need and as a guide to maintain health.

With this book there's no need to wade through a lot of useless gibberish. Its' like having a mini "Merck Veterinary Diagnostics Guide” for canaries!

Thanks Again!

Diane Britton
Award Winning Canary Breeder

“Great book”

“Hello Darren,

It’s Rocco from N.Y. I just read your e-book, and you did some job, should be a best seller. I want to thank you again for your advice, and your great book.”

Rocco Ciccirello
Canary Owner

“Excellent! I don’t believe you missed anything!”


I read your book this morning. I was very impressed! Although I have raised canaries for over 25 years and have experienced a few of the illnesses that you address in the book, it taught me a lot. Excellent!!! I don’t believe you missed anything!

John Flynn
Canary Breeder

“I wish this had been available before!”

“The ebook is great. The organization is excellent...easy to find the topic one is looking for.

I wish this had been available before. It previously took many searches and trial and error to find answers to problems I encountered with my birds. Excellent book.

Margaret from Dallas
Canary Owner

“Packaged with care and humor”

“Absolutely loved the ebook! I've had canaries for the past 20 years and am still learning. And your book is all I think I'll ever need. One canary from our experience had air sac mites, and finding information on treatment was maddening. By the time we knew what to do, it was too late. This information would have helped tremendously.

The lighting section was very beneficial, and we've started changing our little guys exposure...we were keeping him up way too late.

The diet segment, too, will be a great boost to the way we feed our little guy.

Thank you so much...and please know, I appreciate all the information, AND the way it was "packaged"...with care and humor.

Many thanks,

Carolyn Jenkins
20 Year Canary Owner

In this ebook...

Session 1 -
How To Build Your Canary's Immune System and PREVENT Canary Illness

Session 2 -
How To Give Life-Saving Treatment To Your Sick Canary

Session 3
70 Canary Diseases, Illnesses, and Problems EVERY Canary Owner Should Know About

Everything you’ve just read about (and more!) is conveniently packaged into an easy to use downloadable PDF format. You can actually be benefiting from these tips and strategies within 5 minutes.

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- - 30 Important Items Every Canary Owner Should Have Next To The Cage


59 Must-Know website links where you can get the important products or extra info you need.


The Canary Lovers Guide Special Report:


Canary Lovers Guide BONUS REPORT:

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Just to make sure you understand how complete this package is, I’ll offer another valuable BONUS...

BONUS #5: Personal Answers

If there is any question about canary health care you have that WAS NOT answered in this course, you can contact me and I’ll personally answer it for you.

How’s that for getting your money’s worth?

I’m confident that you’ll have your questions answered in this course so I’m not worried about being overloaded with questions. But if you do have one, let me know.


In addition to all this, you’re backed by my Iron Clad, No Questions Asked, 16 Week Money Back Guarantee!

You quite simply have nothing to lose!

Read the course and begin seeing immediate results in improved canary health...


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Once again, this is what you get...


    The 115 page ebook that covers feeding and daily care for a strong immune system, prevention and treatment of canary illness. Plus, a run-down of 70 common canary diseases and problems.

    BONUS #1: THE CANARY LOVERS FIRST-AID KIT CHECKLIST - - 30 Important Items Every Canary Owner Should Have Next To The Cage

    BONUS #2: THE CANARY LOVERS RESOURCE LIST - - 59 Must-Know website links where you can get the important products or extra info you need.


    BONUS #4: The Canary Lovers Guide BONUS REPORT: MEGABACTERIA (AGY)

    BONUS #5: Personal Answers

Separately, these items have a value over $200, all for just $27 if you order today.

We have only one goal here: to get your canary to the highest level of health possible...for you to enjoy your precious pet for many years to come.

Here’s the Only Thing You Need To Consider...

If you use this information the way I tell you to and are able to avoid just one trip to the vet’s pays for itself!

Yes, Darren, count me in! I want to learn how to take care of my canary like a pro!. Give me the instant download.

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Darren at, Author

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